Dear J,

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wanted to let you know that you’re amazing! You’re not the woman I knew a few years ago. You’re taking risks that many can only dream of. You’re vibrant, determined, and letting the world see what you got! Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn, because honey, you’re doing the thing. I love the new you!

You are worthy and deserving of all of God’s blessings. You are beautiful inside and out. You give love to everyone around you. There are some that won’t reciprocate, and that’s ok. There is someone special, watching and preparing himself for you at this very moment. He knows he cannot half-step when it comes to you. He needs to come correct or not come at all. I know a relationship is not at the top of your list, but trust me…he’s watching. I see you rolling your eyes…LOL.

I don’t think you realize how IMPACTFUL AND POWERFUL you are. When you speak, people listen. When you enter a room, people stop and stare. You keep saying you’re just trying to get your life like everyone else, but honey, you got your life! You may not have everything you want, but you definitely have everything you need. And there are other things in store; hope you’re ready to receive them.

Your dad is smiling and telling everyone in heaven how proud he is of you. I know he’s been in your dreams guiding you every step of the way. That necklace of his you wear every day brings you even closer, as he feels the passion through your heartbeat. Your family and friends are cheering you on; some silently envious because that haven’t gotten to the level you achieved. Don’t worry about letting anyone down. You’re always thinking about others, J but you have to focus…this is your season! You have a bus filled with dreams and aspirations. Those who are truly with you will board the bus; those who aren’t will smell the burnt rubber of the tires as you head to your destination.

My final words to you are this, and they are very simple: I LOVE YOU, and I will continue to love you until my last breath.

From your friend for life,

The Curvy Doc