Creating a brand isn’t easy. It’s frustrating, actually. For me the most frustrating part is finding a balance between my different ventures. My plan at first was to only pursue modeling. I finally found myself and I LOVE me! I am beautiful inside and out. Because it took me such a long time to see that, I wanted to focus on showcasing the outside, and learning the modeling industry, while helping others on their journey to self-love. Not an easy task but I was ready for the challenge.

I was already known to be smart, even though I doubt myself from time to time (imposter syndrome is real). Earning my doctorate apparently raised my intelligence. I’m not currently in the field I have my doctorate in, but I worked hard for it. The title is used in my email signature at my 8-5 (we’re on a first name basis at the workplace so no one is calling me Dr. Simmons at work).

Well, it was suggested I blog and write a book about my journey to self-love. After writing a 143 page dissertation, I really didn’t want to write anything else. People said I have a lot to share, but then the next thing that was said…”and you’re a DOCTOR!” I would be seen as more credible because of that title, but I don’t think the title is going to get me more modeling opportunities and put me on the cover of magazines…LOL! If anything, it may make some think I don’t take modeling seriously. Or, that I’m better than everyone else.

I am glad I’m blogging and that I wrote Waist Does Not Equal Worth (which by the way isn’t my first book; I co-authored a book on college transitions beyond the first year), but I don’t want the masses to only focus on those parts of my life. I still have a lot to learn in modeling; but I’m still a model. I’ve been told modeling will supplement my other works, more like “icing on the cake”. I would rather be known as the author and model (or model and author) and not the author, who happens to model too.

This is just the beginning of my struggle. I haven’t included motivational speaker and pageant queen, but the issue still remains, “and she’s a DOCTOR!” LOL. I am proud of my accomplishments and not downplaying it at all…just want to be seen as a multi-faceted individual. Thus my name “The Curvy Doc”. Maybe I’m making it more of an issue than it really is, but I want to be sure I’m being taken seriously in everything I do. As I continue to build my brand, only time will tell.

Does anyone else struggle with this or something similar? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below, or email me at Let’s work through this together!

-The Curvy Doc