Walking in Music Meets Fashion Show.

A few weeks ago I was in NYC during New York Fashion Week and had the opportunity to attend a couple of events geared towards the plus and fabulous: theCurvycon, which consisted of three days of fun, fashion, and workshops, and Curvy Noire, which consisted of a panel and fashion show. This blog is not about the actual events, but a realization I made while in attendance. That realization is this: I suck at runway.

As my readers know, I’ll be the first person to say you can do anything you set your mind to, but in that same token, we cannot be good at everything. Try it out, assess, then proceed. I’ve done a number of fashion shows and have enjoyed every experience; I just don’t think I have what it takes to succeed in that arena. Here’s why:

  • I walk funny.
  • After major knee surgery 11 years ago, my balance is not what it used to be.
  • Did I mention I walk funny?

There are runway classes and I signed up for one, only for it to be canceled. I was disappointed but maybe that was a sign…LOL! I’ve casted for major fashion shows in the past, knowing it was probably going to be a long shot. However, I’m grateful for those experiences as I’ve met wonderful people and have learned a lot about the process. Unfortunately, my niche isn’t runway, and that’s ok.

I’m better at print modeling, so I need to focus my energies more in that area. However, I may reconsider and try runway again. I’ll need to work harder than last time, but for now I’m going to leave that to the pros. Watching those ladies strut their stuff on the runway in NYC left me in awe and I’m not afraid to share this: a little inadequate. I’m extremely happy to have been supported in fashion shows I’ve done in the past. Thank you to the show producers for giving me a chance and if they didn’t, an opportunity to learn. Thank you to the designers who gave me the opportunity to showcase their clothing.

This post isn’t meant to be negative in any way. I’m young in the modeling industry and still learning where I best fit in. I love watching my fellow models slay the runway, and will continue to support. Looking forward to attending the next one!

-The Curvy Doc