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A few years ago, I saw the strangest thing while watching reality television. Four women were sitting over some contraption (it looked like a box) discussing what they were doing. What they were doing involved “down below”. Needless to say I became intrigued. Vaginal steaming, also known as V-steaming and yoni steaming, is an alternative health treatment that involves a woman sitting over steaming water. In the water are herbs, which in conjunction with the steam, provide medicinal effects to the vagina. Apparently this is an old practice which has been known to aid in fertility, menstrual cycle regulation and reduction of cramps, post-pregnancy healing, hemorrhoid relief, and vaginal tightening and rejuvenation (results will vary and is not guaranteed). It is important to know your body and to do your research before making an appointment.

Vaginal steaming has become popular lately as more celebrities have been sharing their experiences (model Chrissy Teigen posted a photo on Instagram of herself steaming at home). Wait…you can steam your vagina at home, too? Sounds pretty dangerous but then again I’m clumsy. You can even have a steaming party with your girlfriends! I never pictured celebrating my birthday sitting over a hot pot with my squad but hey…YOLO!

A month ago I attended a networking event and had the opportunity to meet Carmen, owner of The V Spot Raleigh ( Of course I asked a bunch of questions and made it very clear I wasn’t trying to be fertile. I wondered about the other benefits. Carmen provided a thorough description and shared how men have been able to tell the difference in their significant other’s vagina during intercourse. Being that I’m single at the moment, all I wanted to know was will this steam alleviate my cramps? There was only one way to find out…I made an appointment for the following week on a Friday evening.

While everyone else was meeting up with their girlfriends, going on a hot date, or working second shift, I was preparing to become one with hot water and herbs. I get to the location, which was very quaint and cozy, and Carmen greeted me with a smile. I filled out the required paperwork, nervous because I saw the stool I would be sitting on prior to my appointment, and was afraid I may break it or I would not be able to sit so low to the ground. I made sure to tinkle before I got steamed because I didn’t need any embarrassing moments. I was also excited because I was finally going to experience what I saw on television years ago.

Carmen escorted me to a room. Relaxing spa music was playing, the room smelled delightful, and there was a bottle of water waiting for me. Options for the experience were to strip from the waist down or go completely naked and wearing a very long drape that fits like a loose tube dress. I decided to go for the gusto and do the latter. Then I was told there was wine. White, please.

The process is very discreet as the drape goes over the stool. I sat on the stool, and it was actually comfortable. And I didn’t break it. For thirty minutes, I steamed, drank wine, and took photos (with permission of course):

Selfie time!


The infamous stool with the opening for the steam.



Halfway through the process Carmen came in to check on me. I was fine, feeling the heat and moisture from the steam in my nether regions. Once time was up, I wondered if I was supposed to feel something immediately. Would my treasure chest start singing in euphoric bliss? It didn’t, but I patiently waited for that time of the month to see if my cramps would be minimal. To my surprise I did not have any cramping. No pain, nothing. I am going to see if my cramps return before I make a final conclusion on vaginal steaming. However based on my preliminary findings, I may be making another visit.

In closing, I must thank Carmen of The V Spot Raleigh for her professionalism, for answering all of my questions, and for making the experience a comfortable one. If any of my readers ever experienced a yoni steam, what did you think? For the men whose significant other has been steamed, inquiring minds wanna know…LOL.

Until next time, much love!

-The Curvy Doc