Words carry so much weight. How do you feel when you’re insulted? How do you feel when complimented? Your feelings change, don’t they?

Self-affirmations, positive statements that assist in the challenging and eventual removal of negative thoughts. are a positive tool for increasing one’s self-esteem. When you repeat them often, you start to believe in them, resulting in positive change. There is no formal method to self-affirmations. You can say whatever you want, however you like. Just remember it must be positive.

I struggled with self-affirmations at first. It felt weird complimenting myself, then to look in the mirror while doing it? Even weirder! In modeling and pageantry, I use self-affirmations to get in the zone. I’m sure my pageant sisters thought I was being anti-social at times, but I needed to prepare my outside for what I was saying to my inside. After 30+ years of hating everything about myself, I needed to concentrate.

Another thing I do is listen (and sing) to self-affirming songs; below are a couple of my favorites:

  • Me Too-Megan Trainor
  • Hot Girls-Little Mo

When I’m getting dressed, or on my way to a photo shoot or event, I play these songs on full blast. They get me hyped and ready to slay the situation. It’s a great feeling knowing how much I’ve improved and the role self-affirmations played in my journey to self-love.

For those with children, it’s very important to teach them self-affirmations. Bullying is at an all-time high in schools due to social media. Children as young as nine are ending their lives as a result of bullying. Lead by example and say self-affirmations with them. Confirm them with your children daily.

Learning to love oneself is a process, so expect a bad day or two (or three). The song from R&B artist Aaliyah (RIP) states “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.” Don’t give up, bounce back, and keep pushing!

Much love!

-The Curvy Doc