It’s hard being a Black woman. It’s hard being full-figured. It’s even harder being a full-figured Black woman with a doctorate. I have three strikes against me; can a sista get a break?

In 2008 I decided to pursue a doctorate. After eight years of blood, sweat, tears, tears, and more tears I crossed the stage in front of friends and family. I knew my life was going to change once those two letters were added in front of my name; however the extent of the change has been mind boggling.

I’ve had men say it’s not an issue, but then their insecurities kick in. I’ve had folks say to me, “oh you must be smart” with such a disgusted tone. I’ve been told that sometimes the things I say and do go over people’s heads. My bad…I was just thinking outside of the box. I’ve been told I have to “dumb myself down” because folks won’t take you seriously. Really?!?!?

I will NEVER apologize for the decision I made to pursue a terminal degree. I will continue to be a multifaceted individual. I will continue to be the doctor, the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker (hopefully I’m not showing my age with the nursery rhyme analogy). Sadly, I wish people would get to know the woman behind the title, that cracks jokes, cries and experiences pain like everyone else, listens to Biggie and Tupac, and trying to live her best life while at the same time write a book and present on the challenges students face when they pursue educational endeavors. I DO NOT do mediocre and regular. If you tell me to make a dollar out of 15 cents, I’m going to make 5 dollars and some change. I’m not perfect, but I’ll be damned if folks are going to make me feel less than because THEY feel less than.

For those that choose to create barriers for me, be careful because I will break those barriers down and the remnants will hit you in the face. And because I want to see everyone succeed, I will brush those remnants off then keep it moving. 

Much love!

-The Curvy Doc