I remember the days when being plus size was nothing to celebrate. Larger individuals were always disrespected and the butt of all jokes. However over the last few years there has been a shift. I noticed when Ashley Graham became the first plus size model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine in 2016, everyone’s eyes lit up. We suddenly became the hottest thing since sliced bread! The only problem is…we’ve always been here. Folks chose to sleep.

The curiosity surrounding us is funny and sad at the same time. The only difference is that we are pounds heavier. We work, play, laugh, have sex, etc. just like anyone who is a size 0, or 8…any size for that matter. Since I brought up sex…let me talk about that some more as this is where I’m seeing a lot of people’s interest pique.

This post is not for those genuinely attracted to larger people; we all have preferences. It’s for those not really attracted to plus sized individuals but are DYING to know what it is like to be with one sexually. This post is for those that will dog us in public, but inbox us in private. I am Facebook friends with some of them but I digress…

What is the curiosity about? How do we feel? How do we taste? Are we flexible? The questions go on and on. Each individual will be different regardless of size. We are not aliens! Some of us are flexible, but you know there are smaller people that struggle to bend down and touch their toes, right? If you are really trying to get to know us and we happen to be plus, that’s fine, but do not use us to fulfill your fetish fantasy, then be out in public holding hands with your size 5 girlfriend.

This meme sums it up perfectly. Am I supposed to be giving prizes for this?


On the other hand, I know there are memes that say “fat is where is at” and “once you go fat you never go back”. I get that it’s fun and games, but when the games end, the problems begin. Just do yourself a favor and leave us alone. Now if folks continue to proceed and fall in love, be sure to tell your friends and family, then comment below. Let the world know how you’ve been changed…LOL!

I can go on about this topic forever, but I think I made my point. If not, I’ll say it one more time…I am not a fetish!

Much love!

-The Curvy Doc