Hello everyone! I have been on a brief hiatus; had to take care of self. Did you miss me?

I was hesitant about sharing my experience trying yoga because I was embarrassed. Then I remembered why I started this blog and would be doing you all a disservice. So here goes…

A few weeks ago, I attended a free yoga class with a colleague. The class is held once a week during my lunch hour across the street, so I thought why not give it a try? I got my cute workout gear on, packed my yoga mat and I was ready…until the class started. When I walked in, I saw that I was the biggest person in the room.

Usually I could care less, but at that moment I was bothered. Everyone in that class was SKINNY (my perception of skinny anyways). To make things even worse, my boobs and belly kept getting in the way. It was also difficult to do certain moves due to a previous knee injury. Kneeling is a very uncomfortable experience due to nerves being cut and there’s partial numbness. And the floor is hard; yoga mats don’t make the floor any softer. I ended up creating my own modifications; at one point I was ready to walk out and throw the entire class away. It was the longest hour ever. On a positive note, the teacher was nice and the class seemed to be a no judgement zone.

I’ve seen women larger than me doing yoga, so I know it can be done. I don’t know how folks left the class relaxed; I was more stressed than before I got there. My colleague asked for my thoughts…I told her everything except being the biggest person in the room. She gave me some good advice like looking at YouTube and maybe getting additional padding for my knee. I shared my experience with some friends and they gave tips as well. I was encouraged, but did I really want to subject myself to that again?

So after lots of thought, I decided to give yoga another try. I still don’t have it together and that’s ok; Rome wasn’t built in a day. Will I ever be able to relax? Will I be able to bend myself like a pretzel, or better yet, into a pretzel? Stay tuned, and pray for me folks…LOL.

I’m back, and sending much love!

-The Curvy Doc