It’s boots season y’all!

I recall six years ago going into the department stores looking for boots. I didn’t want booties, though. I wanted the tall, knee high boots that snugged my calves. I wanted to be like the slender girls and be cute with my leggings or tights while the soft leather worked it’s way up my legs. However there was one problem…the boots could not get past my ankles; my calves were too big.

Every time I would try on boots I would be disappointed. Trying on tall boots were like putting on a freshly washed pair of jeans; the only difference was you would eventually get the jeans on. I couldn’t understand why I could not find a pair of boots that could fit my calves. I knew I wasn’t the only woman with this problem. I even considered creating a boot line for us thick-calved ladies, but I never followed through. I had given up.

A couple of years after giving up, I was invited to a party in Washington, D.C. and I did not have a thing to wear (my constant struggle which I will share in a future post). I heard about Torrid and figured I would check them out for an ensemble. I had plans on wearing a dress, but the salesperson had other plans.

The salesperson put together a tank with a long duster, and leggings (I was self conscious of my thighs at the time but decided I would live a little). I looked at her and asked “What am I going to wear on my feet”? She tells me boots, and I give her this look…


She showed me a pair of boots that were knee-high, with studded heels. I said to her, “I don’t think this will fit because my legs are big”. She encouraged me to try on the entire outfit with the boots. I go into the dressing room, ready to tell the salesperson “I told you so”. Well…not only did the boots fit, they went past my knee! I walked out of the dressing room and showed the salesperson, who was grinning. Other customers looked at me and smiled in approval. I was still in shock that I found boots that fit these legs! So you know what happened…I made the purchase! Over the last couple of years, more merchants have been designing boots for us. The boot shopping process has become less stressful.

For those with similar issues finding tall boots that fit, here’s my list of go-to stores (in no particular order):

  1. Torrid
  2. Ashley Stewart
  3. Lane Bryant
  4. Nordstrom

There are more merchants beyond this list, and I’m always looking for new places to shop. I would love to hear from you. Where do you get your boots? If you haven’t been successful, what has been your struggle? Comment on this post and let’s have a conversation; you’ll be glad you did 🙂

Much love!

-The Curvy Doc