There is a debate in the plus size community regarding the use of shapewear. If we love ourselves just the way we are (big belly and all), why are we covering it up with girdles, spanx, and the like? Shapewear, which is a part of fashion, is getting clouded in the body positivity movement. Body positivity and plus size fashion are two different things.

You can still love yourself and wear shapewear because one does not influence the other. As a model, I must ensure that I am selling the designer’s garment and LOOKING THE BEST IN THAT GARMENT. As a pageant queen, I must ensure that I am representing THAT PAGEANT SYSTEM IN THE MOST POSITIVE LIGHT.  Therefore, in most cases, shapewear will be needed. Many of us tend to be inspired by what others are wearing so don’t think this can’t, or doesn’t, apply to you.

As much as I faithfully wear shapewear, I have a couple of issues. One, the prices are ridiculous! Why do I have to pay $50 or more for good shapewear? I paid over $100 for a body shaper once, and even though it works great, think about the number of women that would purchase if prices were a little lower. A profit would definitely be made. And fight me if you want, but a basic girdle does not work for everyone. That’s like telling a woman that wears a D-cup that a B-cup will work and hold her boobs in.

Second…and this really grinds my gears…is when people ask “Why wear shapewear when you can just exercise and get rid of the extra fat?” If it were only that easy…LOL. One can exercise until they are blue in the face and may still need shapewear. Let me tell you a little secret…many straight size women wear shapewear too. But of course, no one says anything about them (rolls eyes).

Hopefully I’ve successfully provided some insight on the recent dialogue. If confused, here are the two main points:

  1. Body positivity and plus size fashion are two different entities.
  2. Shapewear can be your best friend.

Questions? Feel free to comment below. Do you have a shapewear preference? Share that as well!

Now go out there and wear that shapewear, embrace that shapewear, and as soon as you get home, take off that shapewear and breathe!

Much love!

-The Curvy Doc