You see this picture? This picture was taken during my vacation to Panama in 2017 during Labor Day Weekend. I wear swimsuits but this was the very first time I wore a two-piece. Here’s how it happened…

Every Labor Day weekend for the last nine years, I go on vacation as part of a large travel group (600+ people). From that very first trip in 2009 until recently I was very self conscious of how I looked in a swimsuit. I used to look at the slimmer women get all the attention from the men, and wanted some of that attention too. I just wanted to be looked at, not necessarily for a date or anything…just a look…LOL.

I tended to shy away from being seen in my swimsuit; it was depressing sometimes. As much fun as I would have, it was that one part of the trip that I dreaded. This summer my friend Keah had a Caribbean Flava fashion show, and I was given a two-piece to model in. When I tried it on I really liked how it looked on me. I looked at every curve in the mirror, and I felt so sexy…sexy to the point that I was going to wear this two-piece to Panama and love every minute of it! I scheduled a photo shoot with my frat brother James so the experience could be captured. I wanted a sunset shoot.

Right before the shoot I decided to go to the pool where everyone was. I made my entrance, head high and smile wide. You couldn’t tell me anything…LOL! I loved how I looked and how I felt; others did too. However at this point it wasn’t about them; it was about me wearing that two-piece with pride and not caring what anyone thought. And hopefully by my actions, I encouraged a traveler who may have been hiding in her swimsuit.

Until next time; much love!

-The Curvy Doc