A model trying to build their brand while working a full time job is extremely challenging.

I wish I had the flexibility to just get up and travel to a photo shoot or casting whenever I wanted. Unfortunately, these school loans and other bills are not going to pay themselves. In addition, adulting sometimes prevents you from investing in yourself the way you should. Comp cards, photo shoots, travel…those cost. I’m not signed to an agency, and being selected to work for an agency is not guaranteed. Honestly, I don’t think I meet the requirements of most agencies. I’m short, and older. So freelancing it is!

I have to plan weeks, sometimes months in advance if I’m going to attend a shoot or casting. It may require me to take a day or two off work, making sure all bills are paid before I make any investment. This goes with anything, however I just wished I was able to do everything and be everywhere. How does one network when you can’t be everywhere? Will you be taken seriously as a model? Does it give the impression you are not committed? How do you maintain balance while ensuring you take care of business at home? I’m not even married or have children; could you imagine if those two factors were added to the equation?

Sometimes I feel like giving up…actually many times I feel like giving up. Then I remind myself as to why I started modeling and I get back on track. I’m not going to lie and say when I see my model brothers and sisters everywhere I don’t get sad. I wanna be there too. At the same time, I don’t know their story and the sacrifices they had to make, sacrifices I cannot afford to make. Why did I choose to earn a doctorate again? LOL!

Next week is Full-Figured Fashion Week in New York City, and happy I’ll be in attendance. My goal is to observe, enjoy, and network my butt off with the hope of making a positive impression and building working relationships. When not at an event, I plan to do some of my full-time work. Maybe in the near future I’ll be able to pursue modeling full-time, or at least be married to a sugar daddy so I can quit my job. But until then, gotta make the donuts!

If any of my readers can relate to this or something similar, or if anyone has tips, I would love to hear from you! Post a comment below, or email me at info@janellesimmons.com.

Much love!

-The Curvy Doc